When I arrived in Berlin, I knew absolutely nothing about German language. Thanks to Felix, I quickly learnt the basics and improved my knowledge and I have now reached a A2 level. The combination of theory and practice with the help of Felix helped me a lot, and I am today able to have short discussions in German.

Matthieu from France


The lessons I’m taking with Felix are mostly to practice spoken German. We cover many different topics which allows us to learn vocabulary from different fields. We comment on articles, videos and even books. The classes are very interesting and I feel I’m making progress.

Berta from Spain


I have been attending German classes (B2-C1) with Felix for almost one and a half years and I really like them. Every lesson usually has a topic (cultural, social, political, historical, etc.) and this is very useful to develop conversational skills (which is what I need more). He also corrects our grammar and pronunciation. For me, the course is very practical and useful because it gives me the possibility to enrich my vocabulary and it trains me to have better and more fluent conversations in German.

Ilaria from Italy


The lessons are a mixture of talking about various homework and themes, and more standard grammar lessons. The amount we are corrected when speaking is tailored to the level of the individual, which makes sure that everyone is challenged appropriately and keep learning even if all students are not at the exact same level within the class bracket.

Felix choice of themes is varied and engaging and are taken from both the course’s chosen learning book as well as outside sources.

I have learned a lot since I started taking these courses 1.5 years ago and can now do things like talk to my doctor using almost exclusively German, something which I would not be confident or skilled enough to do when I started.

Kristian from Norway


The best part about Felix‘s classes are the exercise sheets/ reading materials he has created. I like to go through them over and over again. Felix has also been always very patient and very encouraging for one to speak up and apply new concepts, he listens carefully and corrects wherever required.

Donnie from India


We had German lessons at work with Felix, in a small group of 2 to 6 students. The classes were friendly and interesting, so it was easy to stay motivated. Felix is really good at helping us to understand the grammar – which is the most important thing! We weren’t afraid to make mistakes, and he was always able to correct us (without making us feel silly.)

The study material was always tailored to things that we found interesting, and we would often prepare for the lesson by watching something or reading something that we could then talk about in class. This really helped to get us talking more freely, as well as encouraging us to watch/read something in German in preparation. I think we also learnt a lot in general, about German culture, history, and geography, and we would often share information about our home countries too. The subject matter was never boring, and often really got us thinking about politics, lifestyle, and many other interesting things!

Felix would often give us different options for the lesson and let us choose which we preferred. He is very good at adapting, to different interests and also to different levels – sometimes new people would join the class and he would understand their level and revisit some grammar points etc if needed.

It is really good to have a teacher who can see which areas you need to improve in, but also gives you a say in what is important – for example if you want your pronunciation corrected or not, or whether you want to move forward and become more fluent or continue focusing on grammar… etc etc!
I will be recommending Felix to anyone who is starting out and wants to learn the grammar properly from day 1, or people who want to go back and fill in the gaps! I would also recommend to anyone who wants to practise speaking, as he has plenty of interesting topics to talk about and is really encouraging.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Florence, Medigo


I was with Felix for about 11 months attending individual lessons once per week. I could speak German fluently when I came to Felix but could not write German to save my life. I had taken very expensive group courses elsewhere where my language ability was assessed incorrectly. So I ended up being able to speak German without having the basic writing skills.

Felix’s creative way of teaching soon helped me to improve my grammar and writing ability. The lessons were individually tailored for my needs and I could see results very quickly. The course material I found to be very well thought out and with lots of hidden teaching aids(exp. colour coded handouts,own voice recordings, techniques for perfect pronunciation etc). It was also helpful that at times when I could not find the German word and said it in English that Felix knew what I meant and could point out false translations as he has a brilliant command of English. In my other German courses no other language than German was allowed. I am now a University student able to read and write very complex legal text in German.

I live, work and study in Germany and only wish that Felix was my first German teacher. Then I would have saved money and time in learning the language properly from the start. I can recommend Felix wholeheartedly.

Edwina from South-Africa


I studied with Felix for almost a year. I had no previous knowledge of the German language and I am very happy that I found Felix very quickly after moving to Berlin. I only have positive things to say. Felix is a very good teacher and has a really well structured and organized method of teaching German. Class was never boring and he always provided interesting texts and articles for reading, along with very useful material for grammar.

Although I never had trouble learning new languages, German proved to be a not so easy case. Luckily, Felix is persistent, patient and encouraged me to learn the language, being there and explaining always all the rules of the language. What I found very helpful is that we spoke German from the very beginning and that he strongly encouraged us to write small texts in German, which was proven very good method that brought me in direct contact with the language. He has always time to reply to all questions, he is very patient with correcting grammar and other mistakes and he has a very polite and discreet way of correcting the students, without insulting them or causing any unpleasant feelings.

Also very important for me is that Felix is a professional but at the same time very friendly, very polite and a very good person.

Katerina from Greece


I studied with Felix for around 1.5 years, alongside one other person. I wanted to take the chance to thank him and tell others what an engaging and enthusiastic teacher he is! He always made an effort to find interesting topics for us to talk about, and quickly discovered the areas that we were keen to discuss. He produced a wide range of articles focused on these areas and was able to keep us curious about the language. Felix was also consistently patient with us when explaining the more complicated details of German grammar! He was aware of our strengths and weaknesses and could gear things towards what we needed individually. The lessons always flowed, and he was able to engage with us in a way that would never have been possible in a large group setting. I found Felix to be very clear and precise when introducing new concepts to us, and he was prepared for all of our subsequent questions. Felix always had a good overview of how we were progressing and what we needed to move onto next, and the lessons were structured with this in mind.

After 3.5 years living in Berlin I am now moving to Madeira, where I will start learning Portuguese. I know that my lessons with Felix have given me a bit of extra confidence when it comes to tackling life in a new language, and I am really grateful for this! I will remember my lessons with him fondly. He is a fantastic teacher who I would recommend very highly to anyone looking to learn German.

Helena from England


I have nothing but high praise for Hallo-Deutsch. I have tried a couple of language learning methods (e.g., a tandem and a sprachkurs) but my Hallo-Deutsch lessons with Felix were the best by far. The first meeting, Felix took careful notes of my exact needs, my strengths and my weaknesses, and we made a customized plan for accomplishing my goals. Felix showed how experienced he is as a teacher by identfying specific topics to discuss and vocabulary to learn relevant to my purpose. He also would suggest exercises to practice at home that would help with the things we practiced each lesson.

One of my goals was to reach a level of German that will allow me to participate in academic settings. Thus, I would often prepare a topic or short Referat to present during the lesson. Felix would then help me, not only with grammar, but with how to speak more idiomatically, i.e., in a way that sounds natural to a German. I found this very helpful.

Thanks to my lessons, I have received a very high language evalution fort he fellowship proposals I am making this year. I hope to be able to do more lessons with Hallo-Deutsch when I return to Berlin.

Matthew from the US


I arrived in Berlin determined to learn German, but soon discovered that such a goal is not easy to attain in a city where most everyone speaks English! How glad I was to find Felix, who spoke to me only in German from the very first day, with the patience of a saint. I had first tried large group classes at a well-known language school, but found that (a) I dreaded going, as I felt like I was in high school again, and (b) most of my interactions in such classes were with other non-German speakers.

Discovering Felix changed everything. It is amazing how quickly you can progress with a good private tutor. For a start, there is no hiding or tuning out! I have taken lots of language classes in my life and can unequivocally say that Felix is the best language teacher I have ever encountered. Felix has the amazing ability to hone in on your weak spots, challenging you just enough, without it feeling intimidating or scary. Highly intelligent and immensely nice, he teaches in a way responsive to your personal learning style (what I required was lots of conversation, but also with occasional reference to grammatical rules, which he can explain expertly and clearly).

Later, when I had developed more competence, we read and discussed texts of interest to me – things I was working on or needed to read for my studies, both literature and theory. Our conversations, even with my limited German, were always deeply entertaining. I looked forward to every class and before I knew it, had developed a confidence speaking German that I would never have attained in a group class. Committing to my weekly 90-minute session with Felix is the only thing that kept me speaking German, and I improved incredibly quickly that way. The only thing better would be total immersion full time in a non-English speaking environment – which you will not find in Berlin. I highly recommend Felix for anyone learning German. I strongly recommend this method over a group class (while it may seem costlier, you will get so much more out of each hour) and Felix is without a doubt the best teacher you will find.

Damon from Australia


I came to Germany with almost no knowledge of the German language. I had used the Rosetta Stone prior to moving to Berlin, but I had not learned any grammatical rules, etc. When I arrived in Berlin, I tried several private tutors before I found Hallo-Deutsch. As soon as I met with my teacher, Felix, from Hallo-Deutsch, he put me at ease speaking and learning German.

I chose a private tutor so that I would be able to have a flexible meeting schedule and I could choose the direction of the lessons. My most important goal was to practice speaking. I met with my teacher twice a week for 1.5 hours per session. In addition, Felix assigned plenty of homework, which took me a few hours per week outside of class.

I found the lessons to be perfect for my needs and effective at teaching me to speak proper German. Felix focused in on the grammatical rules and sentence structure, while teaching vocabulary that was relevant to our conversations. I found that if I studied vocabulary in my own time, this enhanced my ability to practice the grammatical rules and to focus on holding conversations during the lesson.

One of the best parts of the lesson for me was that Felix always kept track of what grammar we had covered and he had a plan for what we would do next. This kept the lessons logical, allowed them to build on one another, and helped us to continuously proceed at a steady pace. I always felt as if Felix was pushing my German knowledge a little farther than the time before. For me, this ensured that each lesson was truly benefiting the learning process.

Today, I still practice German on my own and I find myself engaged in conversations in German daily – although, of course, still with some errors! I often get complements on my German language skills and people are surprised that I have only studied the language for a year. I recommend Hallo-Deutsch to anyone and everyone, as the classes can be tailored to your individual needs!

Viel Glück beim Deutsch lernen!

Allison from the US


The lessons were very helpful. 1.5 hours was a good amount of time to cover topics and advance. Much better than an hour lesson and not too long as to be overwhelming. The lessons were good because I didn’t feel like the teacher had specific goals or methods which were being forced upon me. Instead, I could bring up subjects I wanted to learn while feeling assured that he knew how to effectively teach them. The teacher was patient, clear and easy to get along with. He provided grammar sheets which were useful as well as books and articles to read.

Judith from the US


Just on a whim, we decided to take some German lessons during a vacation week we were spending in Berlin. Both my husband and my older son had dabbled a little in the language. My younger son and I had no German at all. We took classes for four days.

The lessons were superb, well thought-out and structured. The room where the classes were held was very conducive to learning — airy, bright, well-lit and calm. In spite of the short duration during which we took lessons, my older son came away wanting more than ever to do more German. My younger son got a taste for the language and wants to take in it school in two years. What impressed us all was how patient Felix was with us and our errors — a key element in a good teacher.

We have saved Felix’s address and e-mail in our phone book. We know where to go when we want to take German lessons again!

Vidya and family
from France/ US


I got to know Felix when I moved to Kreuzberg for half a year. I wanted a personal teacher to learn German fast and efficient. I feel happy to have found him. He made me feel that German is a language that can be easily spoken. Felix is kind, persistent and patient with his students. The lessons are all well though structured and affordable. I believe that is really important to see the beauty in a language and then learn it. Felix can make you see it!

Felix ich danke dir fuer alles und ich hoffe dass wir uns bald mal wieder treffen.

Eleni from Greece


My main focus in taking lessons with Hallo Deutsch was on improving my conversation, for both work and social reasons. I was used to an approach to learning German where one had to learn in a fixed way, regardless of one’s own interests and learning priorities, and previous attempts at ‚formal‘ learning had been short-lived as boredom had quickly set in!

Before we started the lessons Felix clarified my reasons for learning and adapted the lessons to suit my desire to improve in a very enjoyable and lively manner. I found I was never bored, Felix was very clear to understand whilst continually introducing useful new vocabulary and where necessary offering super clear explanations about grammar, whilst covering a diverse range of interesting topics.

I always felt engaged in the lessons and never that I was doing an ‚exercise‘. After several months of learning I noticed an enormous improvement in my ability to make complex sentences and to talk about subjects that really interested me thanks to a much improved vocabulary and speed of thought in German. The lessons have really helped me to enjoy socializing in German and have made a difference to my ability to work in German.

Marc from England


My German lessons with Felix Wünsche were private one on one lessons and they were very helpful in my further study of the language. Felix´s attention to my spoken mistakes, and his suggestions for improvement were simple to follow, he always gave examples to demonstrate his point, and his easy manner made the lessons fun.

I work in German and so I need to have a better command of the language during my work. Felix addressed the various situations I would experience at work and helped me communicate better with my colleagues.

I´ve studied at several language schools in Berlin and I find that Felix Wünsche and Hallo-Deutsch is the best fit for me, or anyone wanting to improve their spoken language skills.

Highly recommended.

Buddy from the US/ Germany