My teaching approach

Every human being is different and everyone learns in his or her own way. Thus I try to assist every student to my best in discovering their way. I know it is not easy to learn a language – to speak fluently is even more challenging. For this reason I try to provide the best possible conditions for everybody’s journey of discovery into the language.

I believe a rigid curriculum and textbooks are not always to the best way to learn a language. Much more of the learning process should be shaped by you through your requirements and goals of communication, by what you would like to be able to express and understand. Through this process you can follow your interests, discover what you want to, and be creative and focused in a way natural to you.

My role is to accompany your learning, answer your questions, offer various materials to teach and show you ways through the language, reflect together with you on the process of learning, and to bring in my knowledge about the language in a wholesome way. At the centre of learning is the use of the language. While dealing with topics and situations that are important for you, you learn to speak, understand the language, read and write, and to develop your vocabulary and understanding of grammar. This is always an entirely natural process.

We will practice typical situations you encounter such as at work or at home with help of role-play, discuss political or philosophical issues, invent small stories, record a small conversation and work on your pronunciation, or read a novel and talk about it, watch movies and documentaries. In this way you will quickly lose your inhibitions in speaking as you learn the language through action.

In all my lessons, we will speak in German as much as possible. I can provide explanations in English, but I also have experience in teaching German without a common mutual language.