Learning a new language means to immerse yourself in a new world. In this process grammatical structures matter as much as vocabulary and the development of a sense of pronunciation, rhythm and verbal skills. Acquiring knowledge in grammar is therefore only one side of the coin – to “live the language” is the other.

My specialisation is in intensive and progress-orientated training in small groups and with individuals. I place a strong emphasis on communication skills. All lessons follow a student-centred approach, where individual language skills are developed by interweaving language and theoretical knowledge. Grammar is put directly into use, and communication is practised by role-playing real life situations.

The general framework of my courses follows the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”, which is divided into six levels: two beginner levels (A1 and A2), two intermediate levels (B1 and B2), and two levels of proficient language use (C1 and C2); corresponding certificates can be obtained. Within this framework I follow my own curriculum, which has been developed over the years and can be adapted to form a flexible course according to your needs. Self-directed learning, the students’ needs and interests, and mediation of learning techniques are integral parts of our teaching program.

I very much hope to have sparked your interest and I invite you to get in touch with me!