group courses

Learning in a group is both lively and fun – by working together and through the input and questions of others, you learn across multiple layers and draw inspiration from one another. We adjust the lessons to the interests and language level of the group, so everyone is able to progress well.

Our focus is on small groups of 3 to 5 people, and our regular groups are also relatively small, with a maximum of 8 participants. This learning environment is the foundation for our communication-centred approach, which allows you to progress faster than in bigger groups. Here you can find the space to actually train yourself in speaking the language. Studying is concentrated, spontaneous and adapted to your individual needs.

Group courses always cover a full language level or half a level, and each course contains a certain number of lessons. The number of lessons a week can be adjusted, and most courses are held two or three times a week, or as an intensive course, which usually consists of two sessions of 90 minutes a day, five times a week.


Contact us for information on upcoming groups, to identify your suitable group level, or for any other information you need!



  • Small group – perfect learning environment: small, animated, concentrated. (Each lesson is 90 min)
  • Normal group – very good learning environment: limited size guaranteed, intensive studying atmosphere. (Each lesson is 90 min)


Course level

Price per person

(basic price: 10 Euro per 45min per person)

Price per person

(basic price: 6 Euro per 45min per person)

Number of lessons

Beginners course (A1)

750 Euro

475 Euro

38 lessons

Advanced beginners course (A2)

1100 Euro

700 Euro

55 lessons

Intermediate course (B1)

1400 Euro

875 Euro

70 lessons

Advanced, half course (B2)

1200 Euro

750 Euro

60 lessons

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